Lincolnshire Flooding 1953


Floods in Lincolnshire area.


Evacuees being taken in buses to emergency rest centres in Mablethorpe. British Army and RAF (Royal Air Force) convoys enter Mablethorpe to rescue people. Army DUKWs (amphibious vehicle) leaving with evacuees. Major General R.P. Harding and staff go to view damage. Mablethorpe’s high street. Rough seas. Shot showing how the sea wall was breached. Lonely figure trudging through the floods.


General view of floods. Shots of smashed houses and evacuees in emergency hall. Crane lifts car from dyke. General views of Mablethorpe. Salvation Army look after milk supply. General view of farm house at Sutton-on-Sea with miles of floods.


Flood evacuees are in the town hall at Alford. Evacuees arriving at Alford – elderly women are helped off trucks. General view of Alford Town Hall and evacuees entering. Houses under water at Ingold Mells. Caravans at Ingold Mells; many have been washed away and smashed. Two dead bodies under blanket on side of flood. Butlin’s holiday camp is flooded. Huge Camp at Skegness Flooded. Sign post in flood, pointing towards Skegness.

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